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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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28-06-2011 wow... that is a big one... i have an alligator gar as a pet, he is just small though and is around 12 inches long. im gonna upgrade his tank up to a 150 gallon soon so he will grow faster. i hope he would get that big someday but i have no room to fit a tank that would contain something that big. we caught him fish from the creek behind my house to eat. i feel safer feeding him wild caught fish than pet store feeder fish. sami.lynn
24-12-2010 They are also in North and South Carolina.
Although only 3-3.5 ft
I've seen them in brackish rivers and freshwater lakes.
01-04-2008 Good evening Capt. Kirk. My buddy and i have been checking out the gar for a while now and decided to take a june trip to try to get a very large one. we where hoping you could send us as much info as possible about the fish and also trip info and prices. thanks! jb_db
08-10-2005 to CHRISTOF139: web links do not need copyrights... webmaster
07-10-2005 Thought you might want to see a picture of a huge Alligator Gar about 10-feet long. I don't know if these people will get upset about copyright blah-blah, so here is the link: christof139
12-06-2005 to OZZY:
you could better contact capt. kirk on his website ?
11-06-2005 hi capt.kirk can you send some info on trips etc. thanx ozzy
10-06-2005 thanx ozzy
07-06-2005 you can try this link:
07-06-2005 please could you send some info on any one doing trips etc thanx ozzy
30-04-2005 I have updated the weight of the "beast".
More photos about Alligator Gar fishing (catch & release) can be found at Kirk's website:
30-04-2005 No please do not remove this just look on my website and see my photo there, and then repost it properly.
Jack Schouten has been fishing with me but has never took a fish much over 175 lbs, this was Wills first trip to Texas this fish was 211 lb. 8 ft 1 in long, caught in Lake Sam Rayburn, with me in 2001.
30-04-2005 to Kirk:
Hello, I don't know who is this person.
His nickname is "TEXAS.GAR".
What do you want me to do ?
Delete the photo from this site ?
Please answer me by private email.
29-04-2005 I would like to know wgo posted my photo w/out my knowledge and w/out my permission, the guy on the right is not Jack Schouten it is me Capt. Kirk Kirkland from Texas who guided Will Tomey to this 211lb 8ft 1in gar from Lake Sam Rayburn. capt.kirk
08-03-2005 the fish by the way is a aligator gar, we have alot of them in south louisiana.
p.s. they can get alot bigger than that!
06-02-2005 See this article (in dutch): webmaster
24-01-2005 Normally when visitors submit photos, they should be the owners or one of the owners of the photos. If copied from other source, it could be correct to precise where the photo is taken from (fill the COPYRIGHT © information). webmaster
20-10-2004 The guy on the left is called Wil Tomey and the guy at the right is called Jacques Schouten, they are both from Holland. Actually, quit a few people have heared of this fish in Holland, especially since Jacques published about it in his book and in popular magazines.
Lucas van der Geest

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