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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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31-07-2012 Nice fish where was it from the petit Rhone? beastmaster
28-03-2011 il font de l'effet mes vifs benji82
06-02-2011 Top angling, top result, well done.
The Ebro is fantastic but the Po maybe calling for a nice change.
Any advice on good areas to do some ground work?
21-12-2010 Lool nice picture!!
21-01-2010 My personal best was only 100lbs 16oz blue cat in the beaver lake in Arkansas. There is said to be bigger cats near the dam. Congratulations. And it is said they will introduce the Silurus Glanis to the beaver in the next year or so. Praying they do i wouldlove to catch one of them in 20 or so years. catfishin
08-08-2009 Texas is a good place to catch big catfish, and it's a good place to catch a lot of catfish. We have Channel, Blue, and Flathead catfish, and many lakes with catfish in the 50-100 pound range. I like to catch my limit of Channel cats in the 4-14 pound range and fill the freezer with fillets. I "surf" cast, and use jugs and trotlines. Come on down and have some fun. spazmid
26-06-2009 What a great website with very nice fish.
Nice article in Cat Connect magazine.
Kind regards,
28-04-2009 I thought Burger King was the home of the whopper! Nice fish Men. kingbee
13-03-2009 wow thats a nice cat i fish sale water park and they are no where as big aqs that good on u mate gavin.from.manchester
20-12-2008 webmaster
16-07-2008 nice fish but cath and release that much fish to eat is not an option when you love to eat one of the best tasting fish in Texas jethro
26-03-2008 Clap clap
un bloc!!
02-03-2008 Hi. Just leaving my footprint. I was searching the internet for photos of pterodactyls which led to sabertooth cats which led to an underwater photo of a white tiger swimming which looked cool so I searched on "big cats swimming" and came upon the catfish picture and I followed the story and here I am. varan619
31-12-2007 Very very good fish, congratulations!!! david.pokorny
28-12-2007 Very very nice "Pompo". Congratulations madmax
27-11-2007 Very very good fish, congratulations!!! krassi
27-11-2007 Very very good fish, congratulations!!! krassi
10-09-2007 Joli. pechouille
27-08-2007 Holla Bruno, congratulation! ulli04
15-08-2007 Normally we publish photographs NO-KILL only. But in front of this exceptional capture we can make an exception!
Congratulations to the young fisherman for the capture, and cheers to mom who made this fish (is this made of curtains or cloths?)!
I was looking at the page of faked pictures and recognized the cat they spliced into Lucas's picture. Riley, not fat but impressively large.
I love the catfish picture!
That thing is huge!
29-07-2007 Hilarious. I have had a good chuckle this afternoon reading the posts. I think the videos speak for themselves! If anyone still has doubts take a look for crying out loud. Happy fishing! champaine
04-06-2007 nice one steve well done, nice fish m8 beastmaster
04-06-2007 nice fish jan well done m8 beastmaster
28-05-2007 ->
16-05-2007 Lucas, may i say congratulations on such a wonderful cat, considering my personal best is a 42 pounder, though that was right here in England! for all those who believe that this a in fact a blue catfish i can assure you that your are worng, the tail fin and anal fin are completely different from that of a wels cat, though respectively the heads of both fish are very simular, so for a non-experience angler the mistake is a easy one to make. andy_morrissy
23-04-2007 Congratulations Dear Bruno to this heavy duty Catfish! Very nice! ulli04
13-04-2007 So what do you boys do with these big cat fish, I hope you throw them back in, how long does it take for one of these fish to get this big? vicstress
13-03-2007 xavier
06-03-2007 Could someone please tell me Jakubs current email address please. The one quoted does not work.

10-12-2006 Was happy to read that Lucas returns fish to the water. Any fish old enough & able to last long enough to get this size, should be allowed to keep on growing. Wish everyone would do the same. mackcat
18-11-2006 Hi guys; this thread looks a little dead, but I couldn't resist a comment. This beastie definitely came from the Po in Italy and was definitely a wels cat. I've been catching them for a decade and know what they look like... It's a great fish but not the biggest I've seen from the Po. Check out these guys - they're a guiding service who operate on the Ebro in Spain. These days it's very possible to get fish in excess of 200 pounds!! Bigger fish swim in the Po, but you won't beat the Ebro for numbers and average weight. I had 46 fish in 4 days fishing on the Ebro. 30 of them were over 100 pounds! Tight lines.
03-08-2006 Congratulations!!! This is a best trophey of cat fish what i ever see. Albino cat fish of this size is extremly rarely. I am from Croatia and also a catfish fisherman. krypton
12-06-2006 they don't any better just BIGGER stevie.d
12-06-2006 justice!!!!! beastmaster
05-06-2006 That's the first time I've EVER seen an albino catfish.. That's one special catch.
20-05-2006 See the VIDEO:
20-05-2006 See the VIDEO:
20-05-2006 See the VIDEO:
13-05-2006 Bravo majstore!
Na Tikves lake Macedonia ima pogolemi:)
26-04-2006 Sir, your catfish is (was) adorable. I keep kitty fish as pets, and had I the chance, I would have dug a big pond in my backyard and named yours Julio.
24-04-2006 I've been fishing my whole life and... well... congrats dude! pinkpinkfish
19-04-2006 Jakub fishing in Lyon (France):
file: jakub_197_lyon.wmv
17-04-2006 I am from Illinois in the United States. This is truly an amazing catch. My personal record is a 31 lb Channel. The fish in the pic resembles a channel (look at the spotting) more than a blue (as so many keep stating). I have witnessed American cats near the size of this one, but they were not caught. They lie at the base of the local dam feeding on all the fish that get sucked through the flow gates. You can view them through the windows at the base within the dam. Once again Great Job Lucas!! Thanks for sharing your catch with all of us Stateside. nos
12-04-2006 Very nice catfisch. It is Petit Rhone 2006 ? madmax
07-04-2006 Congratulations on your monster hall. stephen.buss
06-04-2006 congradulations!! the biggest brace i have seen. where abouts on the po did you catch them? beastmaster
06-04-2006 2 BRAVO!!! webmaster
04-04-2006 BEASTMASTER, your 3rd photo was already on this website:
22-02-2006 Please do not hold catfish up by their gill covers!!!!! How can you expect a fish to hold its whole body weight with its gills ? How about I hold you up by your ears ?!!!!! catmandan
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