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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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Date Photo Comment Nickname  
19-02-2006 tres beau silure et belle photo bravo. philippe. bj de bretagne. lemariol
28-01-2006 hello everyone i am a proud texan and am ashamed of the rude people who have posted comments here love your site and as fisherman we should be passing the love of the sport and respect of others to the future generations bassn1968
09-01-2006 hoping to buy holiday home in bulgaria, can you advise me on cat fishing and fishing liscence needed in bulgaria if any faughs
04-01-2006 to BAC:
Our purpose is not to be involved in controversy on political questions such as appartenence or not of Basque Country or Catalonia in Spain.
30-11-2005 Nic pic, I like your weigh station, fish care is important, a fine example to set. stephen.buss
26-11-2005 Riba-roja is in Catalonia, and Catalonia is not Spain. Please keep this always in mind. bac
12-11-2005 Nice sandy colour stephen.buss
06-11-2005 This photo was the only trophy, no dorsals trimmed, no whiskers cut or taken, no stuffed heads for my wall. I Catch and Release & I sleep in peace. I educate best practice, fish safety and return and would never kill such a creature. stephen.buss
06-11-2005 All fish are returned in the same condition they are photographed. stephen.buss
02-11-2005 I hope nobody catches you and displays you as a trophy helmister
02-11-2005 How could you kill such a beautiful creature???? helmister
11-10-2005 webmaster
11-10-2005 webmaster
12-09-2005 Finally the truth.
Thank you for posting this site especially with the links to all the other huge catfish. I have been amazed by the site and the look of sheer joy portrayed on all the angler's faces. I believe the world record was recently set by a Mekong giant catfish of 646 lbs or 300kg in Thailand.
20-08-2005 2.30m wels catfish from river EBRO:
16-08-2005 Guys thats one huge cat, I would have loved to been there to see you two fight that monster in. Good luck in the future with your fishing and dont forget to take a child fishing with you. jar_.fly2003
05-08-2005 looks like a camera trick photagraphy shogun.64
26-07-2005 The size conversion system from centimeters to feet was based on Imperial units (UK) only. From now on, we have also the size in FT/US for our visitors from US Foot Survey zone. More info about conversion systen can be found in these pages:
13-07-2005 That's a big cat. Recently reported was a 295 kgs (yes KGS!) catfish caught in Thailand. Seeing is believing - haven't seen photo yet. Add salt to this unconfirmed report. troutman
05-07-2005 another man-eating catfish:
21-06-2005 ... the warning was here:
19-06-2005 I am surprised that this fish is classified as a true mandarin considering that the head and part of the back is normal catfish colouration. Fantastic fish however. I will submit photo of a true mandarin caught yesterday as soon as the photos are processed. andy
12-06-2005 I would not stick my head in there butt
08-06-2005 I have cought 35 inch cat fish be for and thought they were wales ontil I got them up on to shore. I could just not enven begen to think of what kind of fite this cat would put up. That cat ways 45 more ponds than me and I would be a little skidish to get him on my line. buckmaster
30-05-2005 How common is it to catch a monster like this in the Po.
I saw an Amazon cat the size of a station wagon at the Milwakee (Wisconson, USA) zoo when i was ten, which was bigger than the one pictured.
I can only imagine what else lies at the bottom of that river!
26-05-2005 Why does that link about the Fish in Miss. say "World Record"? It is not as big as the one on this page, right? primetimerg
26-05-2005 Hello and grats on the nice fish. I was wondering on what the age might be for a cat that size? joman
25-05-2005 Theres a new United States Catfish record.. It was caught in Illinios in the Mississippi River.. Heres a link to the article.. jeff.from.georgia
16-05-2005 nice one grandad dax raz
09-05-2005 Loch Ness monster is here: webmaster
09-05-2005 That is one massive catfish! seth
09-05-2005 Hi just to let everybody know there is fish that large here in the United States. But that large of fish hangs mostly around close to the damns and eat the small quality of smaller fish.
As divers who check the drain by the damn have actaully seen them. They have been spotted in the damns by the Arizona lakes. So if anybody thinks these large fish ae fake. You are in la - la land. Wake up. This is a proven true fact.. REX
05-05-2005 to KING:

This photo is the first one of series of 4 photos:



05-05-2005 lots of great fish but why do you not use an unhooking mat like Alberto?
Get one, they are great: O)
05-05-2005 i like that you tell the size of the fish but in order for us viewers we need to be able to see the fish in order to fully understand that size king
03-05-2005 Makes me want to fish for catfish.
Nice fish.
26-04-2005 Life is like a coin you can spend it any way you like but you can only spend it once. strikeking
22-04-2005 Normally we do not accept "horror" pictures, but this photo can be used in "educational" purposes too:
It is necessary to be very careful with triple hooks.
21-04-2005 That is a truly awesome fish!!
Kentucky, USA
18-04-2005 Nice catch Lucas!
To all you people still doubting the real story all you need to do is check out sites like and
15-04-2005 to FUNNYLOOKINGOWL:
for age...: i could say this fish is near 20 years old
for taste...: too old for good tasting meat
remarks...: this fish was released after capture & photos
15-04-2005 Hey, is anyone going to answer my question (see above) as to the age & taste of these catfish? funnylookingowl
12-04-2005 holy crap
how did you catch that catfish
i love to fish and ive never even seen a fish that big.
10-04-2005 We are for catch & release program... webmaster
04-04-2005 I have absolutely no idea how I got to this website but it is interesting stuff even though I know nothing about fishing. I was wondering... How old would a catfish this size be? Also I wouldn't condone anyone eating anything that's survived long enough to grow this big, but if one was to eat a catfish of this size, would it taste the same as a smaller catfish? funnylookingowl
28-03-2005 Lucas,
I am an editor for a USA-based fishing magazine and would like to include a photo of you such as this one showing the top-set eyes and underbite that the wels cats exhibit for an upcoming piece on klonking. The piece will deal with some american catfishermen and their klonking experiences as well as a printed link to the site where fishermen may purchase a qualiy example of a klonk. Please contact me at your earliest convience as the deadline for the photos is approaching. You are welcome to review the article for authenticity.
Good Fishing,
Tim Scott
09-03-2005 It truly amazes me that this started over a year ago, and after all this time it is still being passed around as a "new" item.
Lucas - this really is an awesome catch, My husband loves to take our two children fishing here in GA - to them a 5lb trout might as well be 100lbs! - Their Faces are just as ecstatic regardless of how big it is.
That being said - I can only imagine the look and overall excitement on YOUR face when you brought this big cat in - after all - aren't we all just big kids?
08-03-2005 All I can say is WOW! Living in SA I have seen some cat fish which I thought was big! But nothing compared to waht I just saw on here. I came accross this article via - at 1st I didnt beleive it... but all I can say, this is one fish story I believe! wolfie
28-02-2005 to all country-men of SOCHASIRE:
28-02-2005 A truly stunning achievement Gaetano. My father was an avid and excellent fisherman and in his travels with the US Navy had travelled and fished in many countries. I'm sure he would have been deeply impressed. I know it takes more than just luck to land the big ones. Excellent job. Was your Wels a Catch-and-Release? BTW, I and many fellow yanks DO know where Italy and the Po River are. I apologize for my country-man. sochasire
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