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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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05-03-2004 Thank you for sharing this photo. I probably wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. What an awesome catch. Good work and congratulations, guys! big.l
02-03-2004 I know catfish, and that's one heap big cat.
If the anglers kept him for eating, they had to have had a big job of skinning a big boy like that!
31-12-2003 Awesome fish. Have you ever been noodling for cats? Noodling is the lost art of using your hands as bait to catch fish. According to Oklahoma State Law, Title 29: The method of fishing by Hand Only. Any use of hooks, bait, rods or reels is deemed illegal. Hand Fishing - aka Noodling, Grabbling, and Hogging is only legal in 4 U.S. States: Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. Peace and Happy New Year. tailwalker
11-12-2003 Sorry, but is it a joke? 210 cm and 70 kg in Spain? This fish was maximum 55 kilos. Best regards, Jakub Vágner jakub.vagner
29-11-2003 ;-) webmaster
29-11-2003 whereabouts was this caught - please do tell :-) kolio.balkanski
26-11-2003 Plamen, could you please give us the very same in english ?
Thank you.
25-11-2003 Kade go hvana tova zivotno? Koga? Kade? Drasni niakoi red, ako zelaesh!
24-08-2003 Hey,
where did you get this?
Let me know if you're interested in setting up tourist outings to that undiscovered body of water.
Write to me at
You can write to me in Bulgarian, this site only allows English and French - hense the language.
12-08-2003 Yeah - it was awesome, thanx for the note PS am going back 29 Aug :-)))) tambo
10-08-2003 Brilliant mate, well done you must have had a fight on your hands, i thought i had it bad when i caught a 22lb-er. excellent mate izzy
15-07-2003 It seems to me that the young catfish was hooked by accident by his tail. You can see the live bait behind the wels catfish tail. webmaster
13-07-2003 this is the biggest fish from the lower ebro where the dams seperate the river into three section these fish are not able to get back upstream at all so this fish is the biggest from the lower ebro section. probaly one of the largest fish in lenght 2.65 mts long over 8ft the size of the picture is probaly ok for all to see what it looks like but we could not get johns arms round the fishs gurth or gut same thing we are still catching lots of catfish over 140lbs look forward to the detailed information coming out soon in the magazines with knowledge of how to diferentiate there sex and feeding habbits whilst and after spawining.
many thanks
g sheridan
your guide for the ebro.
24-06-2003 that is huge! I just caught 1 inch babies yesterday with my little net jojo
03-06-2003 A bite of a Southern Cat of this size could break an arm. midnitejam
28-04-2003 This is the biggest Catfish that have been fished in the Ebro River ? sergisiluro
27-04-2003 Hi, the catfish of the photograph was caught with carp bait in Escatrón (river Ebro). You can contact me on my web site:
You can also visit it on this web site if you press on "liens" in french.
24-04-2003 J. Webb's photo on the WEB!!!
24-04-2003 I suppose the size of "2 cm" was an error. I changed it to "200 cm". Gary (the guide), please confirm. webmaster
18-04-2003 good job what cind of bait did you use..... please emale me back and tell me colb
15-04-2003 clean teeth & beautiful smile ;-) dentist
18-02-2003 makes my english caught 46lb cat look like a tadpole :-> trev
26-01-2003 its the lock ness monster how did you get that fish in justin
04-01-2003 A pretty photo, but how much time where they in the stringer ?
A good fisher is an instant releaser too, three or four photos and let them go away please.
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