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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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philippe.s. The truth? I was fed-up! Not eaten, madman's wind and almost no fishes. But Xavier insisted on a group of silurid and it was once again very paying. This is the positive of the day. Thank you Xavier (alias Jo Packett).
philippe.s. And finally the last one and the biggest of the fishing day. The fish was caught by Michel (not on the photo) and presented by Charly and François. The Wels measured 1,93m.
philippe.s. 3rd fish of 1,51m caught by Philippe during our organized fishing day.
philippe.s. 2nd fish of 1,44m caught by Pierre during our organized fishing day.
philippe.s. Here is a well deserved fish which comes to be added in your record list. 1,39m.... almost as large as you.
philippe.s. To lift this one from the water was not easy. Indeed, at once it taken the livebait, it was going to take refuge in an immersed tree. With my friend Charly, we took the boat and... here is the result.
philippe.s. First exit in Seille River for my friend Charly who, following the result, promised to me to return very soon. 1,39m and 1,85m with the buoy system.
philippe.s. Tieme in honor at the camp-site of Cuisery.
And as he says: "it's a beautiful silure citron (~lemon)".
Bravo Tieme!
philippe.s. My friend Tieme from Holland is very proud to present this silure of 1,34 he captured in the Seille river at the time of his holidays in Cuisery. Another fact is that the eels he used as live baits were also Dutch...
philippe.s. You caught catfish even with a hand made lure...
philippe.s. No, Herve is not on his knees, but this silure is really larger than him (and larger than me also...)
This is normal for 1,98m !!!
philippe.s. This fish is so huge that we are almost obliged to be 2 for carrying it.
philippe.s. Charly having suggested me requesting from Gilles a rag to hold my
fish, I chose the great means... Not Charly, they are not boxing
philippe.s. I introduce my friends Charly and Gilles to you. They also made knowledge with a silure at the time of the safari of Trawl-net this 21 May. With this fish of 1,66m and the 2 others of 1,15 and 1,10, they are likely all to go up on the podium. With the fact, why a rag in the mouth? It is not to have sore with the finger?
philippe.s. Beautiful catch this Saturday May 21 at the time of the Safari of Trawl-net. Come while representing from Silure Rhone-native Club, my pride was all the more large. Thanks also with my friend Stephan who shouldered me well to ensure my catch.
philippe.s. 3rd and last day of fishing for "Silure Club Rhodanien".
It is Herve who close this exit with a fish that he did not measure so much he was concerned to return the fish back to freedom.
philippe.s. This second day, it was turn of Lionel to also present his silure of 0,90m.
Gilles had also silure of 1m but... the photographer (me) was elsewhere on the water.
philippe.s. In this week-end prolonged, the members of "Silure Club Rhodanien" had
organized a fishing party in the Saone river.
And for this first day, it is Gilles, Herve and Philippe who present their 4 silures of 1,10m + 1,50m + 1,51m and 1,90m.
And yes, we are happy!!!
philippe.s. At this time, it is the turn of Gilles to present his silure to us.
Herve helped for raising, measuring, weighting and to give it back its freedom.
philippe.s. He dreamed about it ... and he did it.
Yes, he kissed the fish.
But no problem, Madam is not jealous!!!
philippe.s. Go Dool, hurry up to take the photo so that we can release this fish.
As for you Moon and Tophe, the moms will not be proud in front of your dirty clothing... Brrrrr of mucus!!!
philippe.s. This splendid fish of 2,20m for 77Kg, let itself try by a beautiful tench that Tonton Moon presented to him.
philippe.s. This is the photo souvenir :
Uncle Moon, uncle Tophe and daddy silure.
philippe.s. A goodbye kiss before releasing ?
philippe.s. Small day: small fish. But GREAT fisherman!!!
philippe.s. ... Go back to water and grow up 1cm to reach the lenght of 2 meters!
philippe.s. Eh yes, I make the grimace but it mastics my fingers. Fortunately
my two friends Romain and Sylvain who assisted me for the capture, are
still present to present this beautiful silure of 199cm which after
the sceance of photos turned back in to waters.
philippe.s. This Saturday my friend Steph was happy and I was very proud of him.
The catch is really captivating and the
handing-over with water... of rigour. BRAVO CHAMPION
philippe.s. This fishing day, the weather did not play in our favour (a cold blow and rain and a blow sun). But our guide Michel Godbille knows where to find them...
philippe.s. Beautiful catch of my nephew Greg. For his second wels catfish, he starts with this superb catfish of 1,80m. In present, I can say that changing is assured. To be continued...
philippe.s. We laugh, but it is heavy. Thank you dear unknown walker for taking the photo.
philippe.s. This moorning was quite cold, however our friend Xavier is nevertheless able to make them move up.
philippe.s. Good start for this new season. Quickly the last photo before back into water.
philippe.s. Super moment and what happiness to caught a fish of this size. When I had put my hand in the mouth, Xavier said to me: "Pay attention to triple hook, pay attention to triple hook". But him, what do you believe that he made? ... He taped up all this fishing action... Thank you Xavier!!!
philippe.s. Yes, it is beautiful! (I speak about the catfish of course). Short fifteen minutes of fight and it was in the boat. As Xavier hooked it up and I made the rest, this is a common fish and shared happiness.
philippe.s. I did hook thos fish, but my friend Franck made the rest.
philippe.s. After the photo, this small wels catfish got back into the water.
philippe.s. 3 inseparable friends (Laurent Kupper and Philippe S on the
photograph and Michael Kupper behind the objective)
philippe.s. End of the year 2001:
a 1,50m catfish in the Rhône river.
philippe.s. Kleine clin van oog aan mijn vriend Tieme van Nederland dat zijn vakantie aan Cuisery in kant van Seille zal doorbrengen om er silures.

Philippe S.
philippe.s. Wells Catfish of 175cm (5.33ft) caught in Cuisery.
philippe.s. Cyril Montois, Michael Kupper and Philippe S and their 3 wells catfish caught & released in May 2002 in the Saône river.
philippe.s. This capture took place in the Seille river this summer 2002. For their first
wels catfish fishing party, Romain and Sylvain had taken my boat to make the blow of the evening. And it is with knowhow that they caught this beautiful silure of 1,54m. The photographs were taken in water, under the glance of many people. The catch was celebrated as it should be and the catfish turned back into the river...
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