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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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stevie.d A great brace shot, our last days fishing in May and we finally got some carp! A 23lb and a 31lb, it was worth the wait and all the rain.
stevie.d A rarely seen visitor in the camp a gennet.
stevie.d FIRST FORTY Jan finally lands the elusive forty, we have waited 5 years for this fish!!
stevie.d After a long hard fight in shallow water Jan finally lands this 110lb beauty. Her arms were so tired she could not even try to lift the catfish!
stevie.d Another shot of the 177 just 1lb short of my PB, we fished courtesy of friends Steve and Lenka who run fishing trips from That's another fine swim you got us into Steve.. Cheers
stevie.d Caught from the Segre in early May 2007. We battled with excessive weed and weather and finally I was rewarded by this beauty. 177lb 80.5kg.... a fantastic fight in shallow water!!
stevie.d My biggest of our first trip to the Top Lake, Mare de Aragon. The fish may be smaller but the fight is very good sport.
stevie.d Jan and her biggest cat of our trip to Mare de Aragon.
stevie.d My first cat caught from Mare De Aragon, the Top Lake. Mequinenza was just too full of anglers!!
stevie.d Jan and her very first cat caught from the Top Lake, Mare De Aragon near Caspe. The water level in the Top Lake is down nearly 50ft!
stevie.d My biggest of the trip, 76.5kg and 2.29m long caught April 2005.
A fantastic fight stripping line easily with the clutch fully tightened.
Thanks again to Jason and Ed for their help and company.
stevie.d Jan and her new PB 76kg 2.34m fish caught April 2005 in Mequinenza.
It was an exciting fight in the dark.
The fish looked enormous in the torch lights.
Thanks to Jase and Ed without whose help we could not have landed and weighed and photod the fish.
We caught 7 cats that night in 2 hours 30 mins all over 2m except 1.
stevie.d Bruno Brensteiner (r) and Mark Nutall (l) Catfish Concept guide with the current record caught with a LURE 2.37m 77kg 170 lbs!!
stevie.d Chris and Mark in the water with the magnificent record catch 2.36m 89kg 196lbs!
stevie.d Chris Hall and the current Spanish record caught April 2004 of 196lbs/89kg 2.36m with guide Mark Nuttall!
stevie.d Jan and Dean and a nice pair of different coloured carp a 18 and a 20 lb first fish of the New Year caught in very foggy cold weather.
stevie.d My new PB - my last fish of 2004!! superb colour in the tail.
stevie.d Steve getting some help in lifting the 153 2.24 catfish from Mark Nuttall, friend and guide for Catfish Concept.
stevie.d Steve and his 2.24 153lb catfish caught on a carp rod after an hour fight in the boat, using the dreaded pellets!!
stevie.d Jan and her biggest of the trip also caught on a carp rod. 65lbs

Markku - I forgot Steve 153 also caught on carp rod - How are you?
stevie.d Finally I managed the lift....
stevie.d Jan and her 34lb/15.5kg Spanish beauty.
November 2003.
stevie.d Steve and his biggest of the trip, a 16kg Spanish stunner.
Total for the week 35 carp total weight 398kg 876lb and 3 cats 35lb/16kg, 77lb 35kg and Jan's 128 58.4kg.
November 2003.
Cheers and Joyeux Noël!
stevie.d The result of 15 minutes fishing - a 14kg and a 12.3kg carp for steve and a 16 kg cat for jan.
November 2003 carp trip.

14kg, 12.3kg carp
16kg cat
stevie.d Mequinenza, River Ebro, 15 November 2003:
After a very hard 45 minute fight Jan deserved to land this 128lb/58kg cat caught on carp tackle with 12lb/5,5kg line!!
Is this a Ladies record for a cat caught on carp tackle?
stevie.d Her very first carp (27.5lbs 12.5kg), Jan looking very pleased with her first attempt at Carping. She beat me on this trip, now I have some competition!!
stevie.d Taken during the recent forest fires at Mequinenza the full extent of the fire could be seen from the boat, time to pack down the swim and get to safety!!
stevie.d The ramp swim, carping on a stormy November afternoon.
stevie.d A beautiful 132 part mandarin whose markings mirror the 'Pyramid' mountains opposite the swim, Jan helping (again!).
stevie.d The only way I could lift the 178lbs!
stevie.d Head to head with a 178!
stevie.d 178lb 80.7Kg ...
My best yet!
Jan getting in on the act again.
stevie.d Me and the other half Jan with my first 100lb plus (45.3kg) plus shortly before release.
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