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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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xavier.bresciani May 2003 - 174 cm - lure - Spain
plamen.kukenski Plamen Kukenski BULGARIA
plamen.kukenski Plamen Kukenski BULGARIA
xavier.bresciani Laurent Lefrançois with a 184cm 48kg wels catfish caught in Mequinenza (may 2003).
philippe.s. I did hook thos fish, but my friend Franck made the rest.
xavier.bresciani Souvenirs of Mequinenza, may 2003.
Wels catfish caught with live bait.
xavier.bresciani Beautiful fishing day in may with Claude Valette.
thierry.christiaens Mélodie et son papa lors de sa première sortie de pêche aux silures.
Pomper, mouliner cela n'est par toujours évident quand on a que 13 ans et que le silure est très combatif.
Bravo Mélodie!
rory same fish than in the previous photo
rory catch with live bait
seb 1m90 wels catfish caught by Sam.
alberto May 2003.
alberto Gerard and Philipe with the catfish.
siluliver 6.39 ft wels catfish caught in Escatron (Spain).
seb 5.9 ft Wels Catfish caught the Saone river in Macon (France) after a big fight.
silurman 6.23 ft / 97 lbs Wels Catfish caught in Saint Cassien (Var, South of France).
seb 5.57 ft Wels Catfish caught in Tournus.
thierry.christiaens When angling this 22 lbs Wels Catfish, it got swallowed by a very big one. You can see the damages on the skin. ... smoothly back into the Seine river MY FIRST "big one" in the Seine river! :-)

To be honest, i'm happy to be in the photo but the wels catfish was caught by Xavier...
siluliver siluros como este cada vez son mas en escatron
siluliver la pesca en corrientes apura al maximo nuestros equipos
siluliver face to face ...
siluliver Escatron is one of the best places for wels catfishing.
siluliver Magic nights of Escatron hide big surprises.
siluliver The end of a day is fruitfull.
siluliver Nightfever with my "friends".
siluliver Wels catfish from Mequinenza...
rory Wels catfish caught with live bait.
rory Wels catfish caught with live bait.
jantimetal My first Wels Catfish over 2 metres.
I couldn't get this one without Alberto Millan's help, spanish fishing guide.
Thank you Alberto¡¡¡¡
alberto Man eating catfish !!!
alberto Brace.
alberto April 29, 2003:
memorable day: 17 catfish.

the 5 cats in the photo are:
1m96, 1m98, 2m, 2m02 et 2m03m.
I can hardly demand more...
alberto big catfish of 2m10...
alberto 2m10 catfish
alberto April 23, 2003:
5 catfish about 2 meters...
alberto April 29, 2003
xavier Huge albino catfish in Camargue (France).
Photo with Yuri Grisendi (GSI) from "Gruppo Siluro Italia".
xavier Huge albino catfish in Camargue (France).
Photo with "Gruppo Siluro Italia".
xavier Huge albino catfish in Camargue (France).
xavier Huge albino catfish in Camargue (France).
xavier Huge albino wels catfish in Camargue (France).
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