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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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jakub.vagner Fish of 238cm from the rivre Po.
jakub.vagner It was my last fish before arriving. Beautiful 80% albino.
jakub.vagner Message for Xavier:
My friend, strike of this fish was so hard, that my finger was almost gone!
jakub.vagner We had just one fish before reproducing. You can see the body, it´s more masiv than the others.
jakub.vagner Little smile for camera...
jakub.vagner Second biggest catfish during our amasing night. Weight of this fish was very low, it was just after reproduction.
jakub.vagner A few minutes with fish after very hard night... We had 14 strikes in one night!
jakub.vagner One more time the big one with Xavier.
jakub.vagner It was a really good fight. It was our biggest catfish in my week with Xavier and boys in France. Thank you boys, it was really great!!!
jakub.vagner Catfish of Mehdi. It was our first bigger catfish in this week.
jakub.vagner My first baby catfish with Xavier in river Saone.
jakub.vagner My first catfish in France with Xavier.
jakub.vagner It was our first catfish in river Rhona. Not first for Xavier and his friends, but it was my first catfish in France.
jakub.vagner Fishing show CARP ITALY (2004).
It was excellent day with very good catfishermen!
Xavier, Yuri Grisendi (GSI), Jakub Vágner, Dejan Sorli and Olivier Portrat.
jakub.vagner Just before I release you...
jakub.vagner Afternoon surprise...
jakub.vagner Not so big, but good one in winter time.
jakub.vagner Have a look on the sky !
jakub.vagner Beautiful fish and fight on river PO.
jakub.vagner A very dangerous moment !
jakub.vagner Nice river fish from Czech republic.
jakub.vagner One very good evening!
198, 210 and 218 cm.
jakub.vagner Perfect fishing in Bulgaria!
jakub.vagner This is my love!
jakub.vagner Good one from Ebro!
jakub.vagner BIG ONE from EBRO!
jakub.vagner BIG ONE from Czech Republic!
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2023-04-01 03:37 (Europe/Paris)