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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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  Photo Nickname Comment  
julien A small photograph of identity before setting out again in water!!! At the next year perhaps!!
michel.31 October 23 on Ebre. This beautiful fish was caught by Edouard. Pretty reward for team work, Pierre on the clonck and Michel with the orders.
laurent.62 Souvenir from Mequinenza.
julien Reward one night of illicit fishing on the Lot river. Fortunately this fish was there otherwise I was "capot".
julien Beautiful small pike (lat.: Esox Lucius).
roma Ready for fishing near the bridge of Neuville sur Saône (Lionel / Xavier).
la.mouche My first taken by hand. Great sensation !!!
la.mouche Catfish caught by Xavier.
gilles.lebon First fish of the morning, with Herve and Xavier.
olivier Beautiful fish from the Seine river caught with Xav, Franck and OG.
olivier I have finally found the secret weapon of Xavier:
young baby catfish as a live bait
popof.21 Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I promise to send others.
This one the largest of our small series of the end of summer.
popof.21 Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I promise to send others.
This one the largest of our small series of the end of summer.
esox.stradic "Here is a catfish of 2.28m and 75kg taken 12 AUG 2004 by François ROBIN (on the left) in the small Rhone with Jean-Claude Tanzilli. The fight lasted approximately 40 minutes."
catmandan Rare foto of me and the other half fishing !
And a small cat to add :)
catmandan Good fish on light tackle again, maybe i'll give up Zander fishing then i might catch a few !
catmandan Hard fighting river ebro carp, its not all about catfish ya know !
catmandan Small fish of 52 lbs, but when caught on 8lb line fishing for Zander its always welcome !
catmandan One of my favourite memories of fishing the Ebro, only 101 lbs but this thing took us round bridge supports the works !
catmandan 93lb cat caught by "skinny", much deserved fish, brilliant fisherman !
catmandan 80lb cat caught on a Barbel Rod by Shimano & 10lb line.
calou Wels catfish from Arles in the Delta of Rhone river.
redjo Wels catfish from Paris.
catmandan Lovely fish caught by Nigel, the best bit was the fight on the stringer ! Amazing !
catmandan Nice cat caught at Xerta on the lower Ebro. Lower Attrophie of the jaw. Fabrice Neri and Xavier with a silure having a lower attrophie of the jaw. Vella Father and Son witj 146cm of Rhône river.
calou This fish was the tallest silure of a series of 1m20 with 1m80; all taken
with the lure (undulating spoon and deludes flexible).
calou I took this silure (my the largest) on 25 May 2004 with the lure (king of 15 cm) after a combat of 1h50.
mgiorni pesca a spinning
mgiorni pesca a spinning
capt.kirk Hi,
I don't think you have this in Europe:
This species is Alligator Gar, what can be found in Texas and Louisiana.
The hard scales protect alligator gar (some people use these scales as jewelry).
Gars can breathe both air and water.
The biggest gars are around 300lbs and 7,0-7,5ft.
Only few anglers fish for them for sport.
bredouilleur My first > 2 meters. The difference is the fight. I really enjoyed. The fish was on the land after 25 minutes fight.
philippe.s. Go Dool, hurry up to take the photo so that we can release this fish.
As for you Moon and Tophe, the moms will not be proud in front of your dirty clothing... Brrrrr of mucus!!!
philippe.s. This splendid fish of 2,20m for 77Kg, let itself try by a beautiful tench that Tonton Moon presented to him.
philippe.s. This is the photo souvenir :
Uncle Moon, uncle Tophe and daddy silure.
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