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Silurus Glanis - Wels Catfish (Catfish angling)
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catmandan 120lb cat caught on a perfect afternoons catfishing. One of three fish (120, 90, 40).
roma 185cm (5.64ft) caught in the Rhone river...
roma The biggest of the day was cought by Xavier: 185cm (5.64ft)
roma The smallest of our 15 wels catfish caught by Jean-Philippe, Romaric et Xavier... (in one day)
roma There were also big ones... but mainly small ones !!!
didier.d One evening of summer 2004 on banks of the Saone and Small Doubs in middle of the night I made the knowledge of NESTOR the SILURE 1.74M and 38KG.
My emotions were quite higher than the size and the weight of NESTOR well over the following day his freedom him at returned summer.
fredo57 my preceding record was 60 cm, what a jump!!
you will be able to note malformation close to the tail.
it would have longer being, but would
have been more powerful and I already had evil and I frolé the break-in of nylon.
thank you in Riton57 for the setting with dryness.
mauricio82 15 and 10kg
roma My record 2004.
redjo My new record.
seb.49 What a beautiful combat delivered this fish to me! After me to be made hung the day before, by a large specimen which was perhaps this one besides, whereas I the pike perch, I fished decide to return the following day to track silure... that did not miss! It is when I saw it going up the Loire as a boat which I included/understood that it was a fish of a size except standard and that I was perhaps going to beat my preceding record (1.69m)...
doug my first caught by my own !!!
others will follow !!!
philippe.s. I introduce my friends Charly and Gilles to you. They also made knowledge with a silure at the time of the safari of Trawl-net this 21 May. With this fish of 1,66m and the 2 others of 1,15 and 1,10, they are likely all to go up on the podium. With the fact, why a rag in the mouth? It is not to have sore with the finger?
philippe.s. Beautiful catch this Saturday May 21 at the time of the Safari of Trawl-net. Come while representing from Silure Rhone-native Club, my pride was all the more large. Thanks also with my friend Stephan who shouldered me well to ensure my catch.
philippe.s. 3rd and last day of fishing for "Silure Club Rhodanien".
It is Herve who close this exit with a fish that he did not measure so much he was concerned to return the fish back to freedom.
philippe.s. This second day, it was turn of Lionel to also present his silure of 0,90m.
Gilles had also silure of 1m but... the photographer (me) was elsewhere on the water.
philippe.s. In this week-end prolonged, the members of "Silure Club Rhodanien" had
organized a fishing party in the Saone river.
And for this first day, it is Gilles, Herve and Philippe who present their 4 silures of 1,10m + 1,50m + 1,51m and 1,90m.
And yes, we are happy!!!
calou I fish 5 meters from my brother (Sylvain) and here is my presonal best !!!
doug ... good moments !!!
doug The big one for Greg...
doug ... anomaly on the left antenna !!!
doug One of the 10 catfish caught during 5 hours of catfishing...
doug Souvenir from Mequinenza (Spain).
doug Winter fishing.
calou My personal best.
calou My brother keeping the catfish while waiting for the photograph.
redjo Caught with live bait on drift on the Seine river.
calou Today the first catfishing day of the year:
* 237cm (7.22ft) wels catfish.
xavier Souvenir photo of our biggest catfish (214cm) caught during 4 days of catfishing with friends.
xavier Souvenir photo of our biggest catfish (214cm) caught during 4 days of catfishing with friends.
xavier Souvenir photo of our biggest catfish (214cm) caught during 4 days of catfishing with friends.
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